Fancy dinners and new clothes only last so long. This is going to last a lifetime.

Unlike orthodontists that work with traditional braces, we create fully customized teeth braces which are super comfortable and completely invisible.

Our patented alignment technology is able to move your teeth in 3 months instead of 2-3 years with regular braces.

But we don’t just move your teeth faster, we take into account your facial features and symmetry because your teeth are unique, and so is your smile.

Meet byte

byte is the first affordable solution for teeth alignment. We are an online personalized teeth alignment service. Our team of orthodontists creates fully personalized teeth braces that set your teeth straight in 12 to 16 weeks.

We keep track of your progress with remote monitoring. This means no orthodontist visits, no high costs, and treatment in the comfort of your own home.

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Invisible braces
Hyperbyte Device

Why teeth alignment is important

Bad teeth alignment is often considered a cosmetic issue, but in fact it shouldn’t be ignored. In time, badly aligned teeth, gaps, or an uneven bite can cause jaw pain, speech difficulties, and wear and tear on other teeth and your gums.

Until recently, teeth straightening was a very long and expensive process. But with byte’s new alignment technology, there’s an affordable alternative. byte isn’t as costly and visible as braces, but easy to use, and comfortable.

How does it work?

It’s super easy to get started with byte. In fact, you can start today by ordering an impression kit! With this kit you can take impressions of your teeth at home and see if you qualify for the treatment. We’ll refund you if you don’t quality, and there’s no obligation or commitment if you do.

Step 1:

Make impressions of your teeth. The impression kit is shipped straight to you. It only takes 15min and comes with easy instructions. Free return shipping.

Step 2:

Licensed orthodontists review your impressions and customize your treatment. You will get feedback with a fully interactive 3D model of your teeth.

Step 3:

Start your treatment at home! We’ll deliver your custom-made braces right to your door. Your doctor tracks your progress with remote monitoring.

2x faster results with Hyperbyte

The Hyperbyte is a High Frequency Vibrations tool. It comes standard with every treatment and accelerates the process of aligning your teeth by 64%. Using the Hyperbyte for 5 minutes a day, shortens the treatment from 6 months to 12 weeks!

Hyperbyte straightens teeth 2x faster than any other alignment technique out there. It uses proven and safe technology that cuts your treatment time in half. Of course, every person’s teeth are different, so the treatment process can vary. For most people, it takes about 12 to 16 weeks to straighten their teeth.

Before and after byte

Why byte?

Your teeth are unique to you, and so is your smile. We keep it that way thanks to our Smile Science technology. This technology was invented by Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Jon Marashi also the founder of byte. We don’t just move your teeth into alignment; we take into account your facial features and symmetry.

byte’s features

byte is the future of teeth alignment technology, and it’s here to help you with one of your most recognizable features. Your smile!

Hyperbyte technology

The Hyperbyte High Frequency Vibrations tool comes standard with every treatment and accelerates tooth movement by 64%.

Invisible braces

Our braces are completely invisible. They are made with comfort in mind so you can wear them all day. Just take them out before eating a meal, then go right back to straightening.

Easily removable

Our invisible braces are easily removable. You can simply pop them out by using your fingers or you can also use the included tool.

Premium Teeth Whitening

Since you’ll be wearing your braces all day, you might as well be whitening your teeth at the same time! You’ll receive a complimentary Brightbyte bottle, our 3-in-1 premium teeth whitener, breath freshener and aligner cleaner.

Short Treatment Time

We have an average treatment time of 3 months. This is 2x faster than all other aligner technologies available today!

Lifetime Guarantee

If at any time after going through your byte treatment process your teeth move back out of alignment, we’ll help you get them back in alignment at no additional cost. No questions asked.

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Customer Reviews

Don’t take our word for it. Hear firsthand from thousands of satisfied customers, how byte has transformed their smile and improved their lives.


Growing up I’d always been super insecure about the gap between my teeth but the thought of getting braces at my age was a bit off putting for me. So, I waited. Then I found byte - the treatment is very affordable and, on top of that byte has closed the gap between my teeth entirely in under 4 months. No complaints and very responsive service.


So far so good! I am on week 4 of 14 weeks and there is a huge difference in my teeth, not only in adjustment, but also in whiteness! I love this company!


I would definitely recommend byte to anybody considering braces. Their customer service is excellent. I feel like they have a very professional operation going on over there.


Getting the byte treatment is the absolute best decision I’ve made for myself. Love how easy it is. I’m four weeks in and I’m already noticing results!


Making impressions with the kit easy and convenient. You don’t have to go to multiple dentist visits and their online support is out of this world. I highly recommend!


I researched every available option out there for invisible braces before deciding on byte, for two main reasons: their customer service rave reviews and the Hyperbyte device. Since everyone else’s reviews helped me reach this decision, I wanted to share my own story... The customer service is indeed 10/10 fantastic, and the Hyperbyte makes the whole treatment much more comfortable. If you’re still in doubt look no further, this is 100% the one you want!


I just made my impressions! Super excited to get started with my braces.


This treatment has completely changed my life. My teeth were always an insecurity for me, and I literally hated my smile for ever since I could remember! I am so happy with the customer service and support. I highly recommend to just go for it, you won’t regret it. I feel much more confident with my teeth now!